Why Malibu Makes Great Wine

March 23, 2023

One of the many draws to AJA wine is the location of our vineyard. Located in the Malibu Coast AVA (American Viticultural Area) our grapes are grown in a supportive climate that aids the rich quality of the wines. But why is Malibu a grape growing hotspot?

Malibu is an eco diverse region that houses many microclimates which allows various types of grapes to flourish. The grapes that are produced are enriched by the soil and flavored by the natural elements of the ocean and mountain ranges. I have compiled a list of reasons Malibu makes some of the world’s best wine grapes.

The Climate

What makes Malibu unique is the wide variety of climates that are presented in the region. The climate varies depending on your vineyard’s location. Some factors that will influence the types of grapes that your vineyard can grow are the elevation, location, weather patterns, and proximity to the ocean.

Malibu is located in the Santa Monica Mountains which uses the neighboring Pacific Ocean to curate a climate that creates a harmony of temperature, humidity, and cloud coverage. The mountain range has a network of vineyards using the different elevations to climate control specific grapes.

Grapes that need more humidity and oceanic fog thrive in lower elevations closer to the ocean. That is where you will find vineyards specializing in Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes require a warmer, dry climate that can be found in higher elevation vineyards. The mountain range and proximity to the ocean are key factors that make Malibu a premiere destination for vineyards like ours.

Welcome to AJA Vineyards, a Malibu Winery
AJA at Malibu Beach

How Does Malibu Compare to Other Wine Growing Regions?

The Malibu Coast AVA has a similar climate profile to the European Mediterranean region. The Mediterranean vineyards are similarly housed in the mountains off of the Mediterranean Sea or other salty bodies of water. This allows for similar grape productions far away from our Malibu home.

This compares to other wine regions that produce grapes that may not thrive in our environment. Our warm summer climate also compares to that in the southern hemisphere in coastal Chile and the Adelaide Hills in South Australia.  Our vineyard specializes in growing warm climate grapes that have influenced flavors from our climate and soil.

We Are Proud to Call Malibu Home

We are so honored to be one of the few Malibu Coast AVA vineyards. Our luck has given us the opportunity to produce beautiful wines that house the flavors of our Malibu microclimate. We hope that you continue to enjoy our many wines and can’t wait for you to try our new vintages. 

Sincerely Sipping,


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