Malibu Virtual Wine Tasting Packages

Enjoy the flavors of Malibu from the comfort of your own home!

Why Should You Invest in a Virtual Wine Tasting?

Our wine tasting experience offers the perfect opportunity to visit our winery from the comfort of your own home, spend time with your friends, family and or enjoy the wines one on one with our tasting team, try our latest wines and learn more about them! . If you can’t visit your local winery for a wine tasting session, why not bring the wine tasting experience into your own home?

The Benefits of Virtual Wine Tastings

When you book our virtual wine tasting experience, you can connect directly with our Wine Proprietor and Certified Sommelier, Amanda Greenbaum, from the privacy of your own kitchen or living room. Amanda ,, will guide you through a fabulous selection of AJA Vineyards wines.. You can invite members of your household or hang out with friends and family through a live video call. Once your session is over, you’ll feel like you just took a personalized course in the art of wine.

How Do Virtual Wine Tastings Work?

To sign up for one of our virtual wine tasting experiences, you’ll book and pay for a session online. After you’ve paid for your session, Amanda will contact you to schedule a date. You’ll connect with her through a live video chat to enjoy a 45-minute private wine tasting session at home.

What Do You Get When You Book a Virtual Wine Tasting?

When you sign up for a virtual wine tasting you will be transported to AJA Vineyards from the comfort of your own home. With Amanda leading you through her day to day adventures in the Malibu Coast, you’ll feel as if the winery is in YOUR backyard. This virtual wine tasting is a valuable life experience that will leave you feeling cultured and educated. Here’s what you get when you book a virtual wine tasting:

  • You’ll be shipped bottles of our AJA Vineyards wines per your selection that you can taste, expand your palate and enjoy with members of the tasting.
  • This tasting is a great gift for friends or family for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries or even a Happy Hour with your coworkers.
  • You have the rare opportunity to taste one of the few bottles of wine that are made in Malibu.
  • Amanda will teach you how to taste wine like a sommelier.
  • You’ll learn more about how to perfectly pair different types of wine with foods.

Whether you live near the Malibu Coast or across the country, our virtual wine tastings give you the chance to discover why wines from the Malibu Coast AVA (American Viticultural Area) are growing in popularity. And as one of the few wineries producing Malibu Coast wines, AJA Vineyards offers an ideal way to learn about and experience these award-winning wines from the comfort of home.

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