A Seasonal Guide to Wine from AJA

A Seasonal Guide to Wine from AJA

Wine experts and even novices have probably noticed some wines taste better at specific times of the year or with classic food pairings to savor the delicate flavors. Depending on the person’s preference, certain seasonal wines may better suit specific occasions.

Grape seasons and their growing times vary, but at AJA Vineyards, every season is wine season!

A Seasonal Guide for Choosing Wine

Pairing wines for the season can be easier than you think! As much as wine is flavor-based, it’s also about the feeling it gives you. For instance, refreshing and light wines tend to taste better in warm seasons, as they refresh the palate when eating lighter food. Similarly, comforting and heartwarming wines sip better in the colder months.

Some wine enthusiasts may even hire a professional sommelier who knows everything about wine. Our seasonal wine guide tells buyers why certain wines are better with different seasons and foods and, as the calendar changes, which foods to pair with certain wines.

Summer Wines

Crisp, vibrant, lively, fresh white or rosé wines quench thirst in the warm summers. Compared to the reds, the whites are typically lower in alcohol, and when chilled, they also keep you revitalized and relaxed. Some white wine varieties for selection for warm summer months include the Sauvignon Blanc, Picpoul de Pinet, Pinot Grigio, Muscadet, and Albariño. Some rosé wines to enjoy in the warm season are Grenaché, Pinot Noir and Mourvedré.

These crisp wines have fruity flavors that ideally accompany the summer’s light style of food.

For the summer time, we recommend our Happy Canyon Sauvignon Blanc and the Malibu Coast Sauvignon Blanc are excellent white wines for the summer. A glass of chilled Paso Robles Wildflower Rosé wine is hard to ignore during this time and goes with almost any dish.

Autumn Wines

Autumn is the heart of harvest. The last nuances of summer disappear as the air starts to chill. It’s the perfect time to get cozy and embrace the robust, warm autumn fare coupled with medium-bodied reds and fuller-bodied whites.

Chenin Blanc and the lightly oaked Chardonnay taste particularly good at this time of the year. These wines partner perfectly with rich pasta dishes and tender grilled fish. Viognier is also fabulous in autumn, with its honey, apricot-rich flavors and clean finish.

Our Central Coast Chardonnay and the Malibu FIVE Red wine are great for easing into autumn. These wines are deliciously grand on warm or cool nights when paired with most autumn foods, harmoniously combining the summer and winter seasons with exceptional versatility.
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Winter Wines

Winter is the season to embrace the chilly, colder months. It’s the perfect season to favor reds, which warm up your body.

Most winter meals tend to be thick, heavy, fatty, and meaty. People prefer making more complex sauces, soups, and broths. The slow cooking times make each bite rich with aromas and packed with savory flavors. These foods beg for the fruity flavors of more prominent, denser, full-bodied, rich reds with tannins and higher alcohol content to appeal to palates and warm the body.

A Syrah has rich black fruit flavors, savory undertones, and high alcohol levels. The subtle layered features of all those fantastic Bordeaux style blends and the Cabernet Sauvignons make them winter classics. Or Italian varieties like Sangiovese or Nebbiolo bring an earthy and rustic flavor that goes well with all winter eats, including vegetarian fare. The Malbec is rich and robust and goes perfectly with a delectable steak. Malbec is also notorious for being one most resveratrol-rich wines, making it loaded with antioxidants to help you from catching a winter cold.

The bold, deep flavors of the Malibu Coast Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon are perfect for wintry weather. Pairing these wines with roast turkey or chicken and creamy sauces makes for a delicious winter meal. Buyers can never go wrong with a glass of these reds to ride out the winter months.

AJA Brings Wine to Your Doorstep All Year Long

AJA Vineyards has a vast selection of wines at great value for all wine enthusiasts. We make online shopping easy year-round and allow for easy order tracking during shipment. We also provide different shipping options from our California storage facility to most locations in the United States. Currently, we don’t ship outside of the United States.

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Enjoy California Wines All Year Long

With so many options, wine enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite wine at any time or place and with any meal. We have something for everyone, from white wines to delightfully bold and beautiful reds and rosés in between.

We invite customers to join our AJA Wine Club, where members can sample a range of our wines at their convenience at our wine-tasting events. Feel free to check out some of our wines and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates regarding our wine offerings.


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