A Perfect Marriage, Sushi and AJA Wines

July 2, 2024
Sushi and wine pairings

Considering some sushi for an afternoon picnic or evening dinner party? Try pairing it with some of AJA’s fine wines. We have perfect varieties for any type of sushi your heart desires. Here are some suggestions you may enjoy.

Dragon Rolls and Central Coast Chardonnay

This California sushi favorite incorporates various flavors ranging from refreshing cucumber to crispy fried shrimp tempura to nutty avocados. These flavors beg for a fuller-bodied wine such as AJA’s Central Coast Chardonnay. Notes of butter and cedar in our chardonnay balance well with the crispy, salty taste of tempura. The wine’s moderate acidity also keeps the palate refreshed so it can enjoy the various taste sensations.

California Rolls and Malibu Coast Sauvignon Blanc

A perfect choice for a seaside picnic, the California roll is a light, tasty combination of crab, seaweed, cucumber, and sesame seeds. The dry, medium-bodied Malibu Coast Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect choice to pair with this light, delicious dish. The bright citrus flavors of gooseberry, grapefruit, and pineapple in our Sauvignon Blanc add a wonderful tartness of flavor to this meal. 

California roll sushi

Cucumber Rolls and Happy Canyon Sauvignon Blanc

For those who prefer to forego seafood, cucumber rolls are a light, tasty alternative to other sushi offerings. Pair these rolls with our bright, tropical Happy Canyon Sauvignon Blanc. The bright, refreshing notes of lime, grapefruit, peach,and pineapple blend extremely well with the raw vegetables in these rolls, especially with the cucumber and other green ingredients. 

Rainbow Rolls and Malibu Coast Rose

A richer cousin to the California Roll, the rainbow roll is a favorite among those who enjoy many different types of fish. Often consisting of flavorful ingredients such as tuna, salmon, and yellowtail, rainbow rolls are best when paired with a crisp dry rose such as Malibu Coast Rose. The bright citrus flavors of peach, nectarine, strawberries, and cantaloupe in this wine complement the fatty taste of the salmon and tuna while refreshing the palette through its delicate acidity.

Spicy Tuna Roll and Paso Roble Wildflower Rose

This spiciness of this popular roll definitely calls for a wine with a sharp, refreshing acidity such as the Paso Roble Wildflower Rose. Notes of peach, lychee, and strawberry add brightness to this sushi by cutting through the spiciness of the roll. The result is a perfect combination of tart and bright taste sensations.

Wagyu Roll

Wagyu Rolls and Malibu Coast Cabernet Sauvignon

For the meat lover, this roll is the ultimate sushi taste sensation. Consisting of thin slices of lightly charred filet mignon, Wagyu rolls demand a wine full in body and dry in finish. The tobacco, cassis, and dark fruit flavors of Malibu Coast Cabernet Sauvignon make it an excellent partner for any red meat dish. The slight hint of vanilla and licorice of this wine also imparts a richness to this dish that enhances the entire dining experience.

Whichever sushi you prefer, AJA has its perfect match. Try our fine wine styles during your next trip to the beach, lake or wherever you choose. See for yourself how well sushi and AJA wine can happily coexist. Happy Dining!


Jordan Perrotti

Jordan is a student at UGA and is Interning for AJA Vineyards Summer 2024

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