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July 27, 2020

Hi All,

Hope your week is off to a great start. These past few days I was thinking about the effects of COVID-19 on the local Malibu Coast community.

There are several businesses that have had to deal with a lot of sudden struggles in the past few years. With the Woolsey Fires in fall of 2018, the construction in the canyons post fire and now the pandemic, it’s been difficult to get back to a normal life.

So I felt I would use this platform to talk about some amazing local businesses that have been a help to AJA and how you, as a consumer, can help them too.

First of all, I wanted to talk about the Cornell Winery. The Cornell Winery was founded in 2006 and is to this day one of LA’s most favorite wineries. The Cornell Winery sits on a plot of land that has a long standing history in our town of Cornell. (Read More Here!)

We at AJA love the Cornell Winery because of our history with their charming little tasting room. The Cornell Winery was one of our very first accounts. When I first started working for AJA, I, Amanda Greenbaum, went on over to the winery to sell the current owner Tim Skogstrom some wines. It was my first sale! We appreciate Tim and all of his efforts to keep the wine shop filled with local wines! Tim has always held a big place in the Malibu Coast AVA. 

What can YOU do?

Well the winery is on the way back from the Malibu beaches. If you ever take Kanan Rd. down to Malibu, just pop on over on a Saturday or Sunday and buy a local bottle of wine. And if you can find seating, they’ve got some great outside spots for you to enjoy a bottle of wine at. And you can find AJA there too!

Next I wanted to talk about another local favorite of ours Pedalers Fork. Pedalers Fork is a fantastic restaurant with delicious local foods and cuisines for everyone. Located in Old Town Calabasas, this restaurant has been a strong AJA supporter from the start! They’ve carried a ton of our wines and they love being local supporters. The street tacos are so so good, probably my favorite meal. They also have delicious local coffee! 

What can YOU do?

Well they just opened up their patio for dine-in service which is very exciting. I enjoy sitting on their patio. It’s a great spot for lunch with a girlfriend! But if you’re not comfortable doing that yet, you can always order take out and grab a bottle of AJA too!

One more for you guys is one of my favorite e-tailers: Wine Splurge. I love Wine Splurge because the owner has a true message. Mike Melancon the owner of Wine Splurge created this company as a way to help small wineries like mine get on the map. His goal is to introduce people to great wines that they likely would not be introduced to in the first place.

What can YOU do?

You can order wine from Mike to be shipped ALL OVER the US. Just visit his website and place an order…and his shipping is FREE! Great way to try new wines from the comfort of your own couch.



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