Proprietor’s Blog 11/9 Porch Feature

November 10, 2022
Photo from Porch.com

Today our Proprietor Amanda Greenbaum was featured in an article by Porch.com. They asked many experts in the field about proper wine storage, building a cellar, lighting, temperature etc.

Many of our customers and club members will purchase our wines to enjoy after some time of rest. We always welcome questions about proper storage and encourage you to ask if you are unsure how to properly store your wine.

If you plan on building a cellar, or have additional questions, check out this article where they’ve asked several experts in the field.

Click here to read about how to start your wine collection, store your wines properly, and build a great cellar.

Speaking of age worthy wines, have you tried our 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon yet? Delicious and fabulous, a favorite of our team! Make sure to give it a try this holiday season. Order yours today! Visit this link to purchase.



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