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Exciting New Locations for AJA Wines!

May 2, 2022

If you’re dining in Los Angeles, we’ve got some recommendations for you! Our 2016 Malibu Coast Syrah is available in two Mastro’s Restaurants locations. On the menu right now, order […]

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Proprietor’s Blog 4/27 Wine Clones

April 27, 2022

Have you ever checked out our Our Wines page? Did you know we list the different rootstocks and clones of our wines? You’re probably thinking: Wait, Amanda, did you just […]

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Proprietor’s Blog 4/21, Our Newest Release

April 21, 2022

Hello lovely winos,   Last weekend our family celebrated Passover and my 26th birthday! It was an absolute blast. We got to spend time as a family, enjoy a lovely […]

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Proprietor’s Blog 4/6

April 6, 2022

Howdy Winos! It’s a pleasure to be chatting with y’all again! I will make this blog post quick for you. I wanted to share an article writtenby the fabulous Kristy […]

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Proprietor’s Blog 3/23 The Wine Growing Cycle

March 23, 2022

Hi All, Hope you’re having a fabulous week. Wanted to touch base and share some exciting news. WE ARE IN BUD BREAK! Now, if you are not into gardening, or […]

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