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August 9, 2022

Long time no chat! I apologize for this my wine lovers. I’ve been off the rails busy and haven’t even gotten around to writing out what’s been going out. But let me fill you in on the last couple of months.

I’ve been working on building up the confidence of wine and spirits producers in their Millennial Consumers through the Millennial Competition. This is my other passion–sharing knowledge and learning more about other wines and spirits. It’s been quite a busy month running operations on that end, but I was so happy to see your faces at the SCV Underground wine tasting event! Now that I can bring my focus to harvest, we’re ready to rock and roll with the 2022 vines!

As you know, we’re going through the final stages of veraison which is when the red grapes change from green to purple and when the green grapes alter their skin to become their final color prior to harvest.

Last year we harvested our estate Sauvignon Blanc on August 24th. This year, we predict we’ll be harvesting a week and a half later and my sugar tests that I’ll conduct later this week will let us know.

Our Malibu vines are THRIVING. Absolutely stunning and lush. There is so much fruit this year; we are so enthused. This is going to be a truly fabulous year, and I can’t wait to taste these grapes when they’re ready!

We’ve got a few more varieties we’ll be harvesting from up and down the CA coast as well. Many have been asking us for a Pinot Noir, and well, we’re supposed to get some this year so stay tuned!

If you loved our rosé, you’ll get even more this year with our Grenache Gris Rosé that is absolutely fabulous.

We’ll also hopefully get our Mourvèdre that we were supposed to get last year. So if we do, that will be an exciting new variety to work with!

As we slide into harvest I’ll be sharing more and more pictures and videos with you all about what we’re up to at the winery. You can check this all out on our website.

What else are we up to? We’ve got some incredibly fun events coming up including an LA Harvest party, a Frozé event and a Wine Festival! Check them out so you can join us for some fun!

The only other thing I can tell you is that we’re almost out of our 2021 Eds’ Sauvignon Blanc and 2021 Wildflower Rosé so you BEST go grab some before they’re gone! These two beautiful wines are two of my personal favorites and they truly showcase the California Coastal summer. Please enjoy them and share with us your experience!

Chat soon!


One response to “Proprietor’s Blog 8/10”

  1. Wonderful to hear about all the new things that are happening.
    Love you so much and we are so so proud of you, as always

    Grandma and Papa

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