Proprietor’s Blog 5/11 Wine Tasting

May 11, 2022

Tastings are fun, aren’t they?! This past week I had a private wine tasting with some of our wines with local amateur winemakers. We laughed, chatted, ate delicious food and shared the story of AJA. During these tastings I ask people to write notes down of what they thought of the wines and I take the comments back to learn about what people think of our wines. So I went through the cards and really loved what some people had to say! So, I wanted to share some of their wine tasting notes with you:

2021 Malibu Coast Sauvignon Blanc

Apricot, melon and pineapple on the nose. Soft on the palate. Crisp with a nice finish. A lovely wine!


Good SB fruit, nose and flavor. Good mouthfeel, acid and vibrance.


Peachy! SUPER GREAT! Smooth.


Floral nose. Lovely.

2021 Paso Robles Rosé

Rose and flowers on the nose. Tart apple on the palate. Dry, not sweet, delicious, not typical of a rosé but absolutely delicious! Love it!


Lovely color. Pretty Fruit!


2018 FIVE Red Wine

Toasty spiciness and oak. Currant. Black cherry, plum and tobacco Delicious with a lingering finish.


Great! So smooth and so original!



We sold three cases of wine to that group of 20 people. I’d call that quite a success! I was grateful for the opportunity to share our wines! If you’d like to book a similar wine tasting, or would like a wine tasting virtually, let us know! You can reach out to us via marketing@ajavineyards.com.

If you have yet to try some of these incredible wines, you must try some! Visit our website today to purchase these delicious wines. We ship all over, just check which state you’d like to ship to on our shop to make sure we can get that wine over to you!



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