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What is Pruning & How does it Make Great Wine? Proprietor’s Blog 2/15

February 15, 2023

Hello Winos, Last week our farming team was out on the estate pruning our vines for the 2023 growing season. Pruning is a tactic where you cut back the old […]

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A New Intern’s Discovery of the AJA Vineyards World of Wine

February 8, 2023

Hey Winos! Happy Wine Wednesday! Today we’re going to do something a little different. I’m excited to introduce our newest and brightest AJA Vineyards 2023 Interns! Our Interns will be […]

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Proprietor’s Blog 1/19 Wine Serving: Proper Pours, Temperature and Enjoyment

January 19, 2023

Hey All, Thanks so much for all of the love on our last video “Shipping Wine Explained.” We had a lot of people who really appreciate the information we’ve been […]

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Proprietor’s Blog 1/11 – The Do’s and Don’t’s of Shipping Wine

January 11, 2023

There are a lot of confusing laws, restrictions, and regulations in place for wine shipping. It’s not like ordering a t-shirt online or getting something from Amazon. People forget that […]

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Proprietor’s Blog 1/4 Happy 2023!

January 4, 2023

Today is the first Wine Wednesday of the New Year! How exciting! As we begin to settle into the 2023 vintage, I am looking towards the future of AJA and […]

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