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October 23, 2023
AJA Wines

At AJA Vineyards, we select specific varieties of wine for our clientele based on a several factors: What we like, what you like, and what we think you’ll like when you try it!

Selecting Wines We Like

At AJA Vineyards, we’re a traditional California winery with many wines that are often best showcased when grown in California. We select wines that best grow in California soils.

On our Estate, our soil is composed of clay, loam and red volcanic rock. The rocky Santa Monica Mountains were formed many years ago when the Pacific Plate converged with the Oceanic Plate due to plate tectonics. This is why we see the red volcanic rock in our soil. It adds a unique flavor to our wines.

The climate at our estate is generally considered a Mediterranean climate; classified by warm summers and mild winters. This allows for wine grape varieties like Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon to grow quite well on property as well as Sauvignon Blanc.

Being a Mediterranean climate, we recognize there are certain regions that are better suited for other wine varieties such as Pinot Noir. So, we seek out vineyards that produce such varieties in preferred weather. Stay tuned for these wines!

Grapes going through veraison in the vineyards.

Selecting Wines You Like

At AJA, we’re constantly evolving, learning about our wines, our style and what our clients like. We always want everyone to enjoy something. This is why we have so many different styles and varieties to offer. Prefer something more fruit forward, try our Wildflower Rosé. Enjoy something more savory, our Estate Syrah is excellent. Prefer a little hint of butter in your wine? Try our Chardonnay.

Our goal is to continue to bring wines that make everyone happy; so that we can all sit down at the same table and enjoy the glass of wine we are drinking.

It’s important to also have different wines for different occasions. Sometimes you’ll want a heavier red, and you can try our Cabernet Sauvignon. Other times, you’ll want a crisp white like our Sauvignon Blanc. Circumstance is everything when enjoying a glass of wine.

We are continuing to grow our repertoire so that everyone has something they can enjoy!

Selecting Wines We Think You’ll Like

As both a Proprietor and a Sommelier, I have a duty to bring my best foot forward with our wines. And that means both selecting exactly what you want, and sharing new wines with you at the same time.

There are tens of thousands of wine varieties all over the world that are grown in different regions, have different species, etc. Endless opportunities to enjoy wines. There are wines made from the exact same grapes, but completely different styles. There are wines that are made in the exact same style, but completely different grapes.

At AJA, we are fortunate in that we live in one of the most valuable regions for winemaking: the California Coast. There are so many opportunities to try new things.

Every time someone tastes our wines and meets with someone from our team, my hope is that they walk away happy and with a little extra wine knowledge in their back pocket. Whether it’s learning about unique varieties like Grenache Gris or Mourvèdre or tasting a Chardonnay that’s not overly buttery, I hope people take something away from our tasting room…knowledge OR a bottle ;).

So, How Can you Taste?

We’re pouring at the Orange County Wine Fest in just a few short weeks! Come visit our booth and taste and learn more!

Or sign up on our mailing list to find out when we’re opening our Tasting Room! Hint, it’s early 2024…

We hope too see you soon.



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