5 Reasons to Join AJA’s Wine Club

March 1, 2023

Join the AJA Vineyards Wine Club here!

Wine Club Ladies Enjoying Wines

As we continue to grow both tasty grapes in the vineyards and in production size, we wanted to share 5 reasons to join one our AJA Vineyards Wine Clubs.

Reason 1: AJA has crafted a subscription that ships our wines to all participating states across the country. 

By curating a calendar of shipments AJA makes sure that wines are not sent out in warmer months in attempts to get the best tasting fresh products to your doorstep. If choosing the three-shipment membership, the wines will be shipped in the months January, April and October while the two shipment option ships April and October. 

Reason 2: AJA has two membership options available, Alec’s Club & Jack’s Club.  

The memberships are named Alec’s Club and Jack’s Club, after the Wine Proprietor’s brothers. These each offer different choices to best suit your needs. 

Alec’s Club, the practical club, includes nine bottles per year shipped out in three installments of three bottles each. This club membership allows you to explore the catalog of wines. It offers and make informed decisions on your preferences over a period of time. 

Jack’s Club, the value club, sends twelve bottles per year in two installments keeping your fridges and closets full of wine. This club membership is for those who like to have a little extra AJA in the cabinet. Both options are fantastic and include special benefits that only club members receive.

Reason 3: AJA wine club members are given special offers and discounts off AJA products.

I think we can all agree that discounts and sales are the best. When you become a club member, every day is sale day at AJA Vineyards! Alec’s Club includes a 15% off discount while Jack’s offers 20% off all wines and select merchandise. Both wine club memberships save you money and give you special access to limited edition wines. And, as a club member, you get 6 free tastings per year at the vineyards!

Reason 4: Special Events for Membership

Harvest party 2016

Members get invited to AJA special events and wine tastings at the vineyard in the Malibu Coast and other locations. Wine Club members get discounted and more elevated experience options at said events. TEASER! Clear your calendars an event at the vineyards is coming soon! (Sign up for our club to get exclusive tickets!)

Reason 5: A Taste of Malibu Wine

And most importantly, join our wine club to get delicious wine that showcases the natural elements found only in Malibu vineyards. Our Southern California climate and soil offers premium elemental flavors that connect the palate back to the earth through the carefully crafted fermentation of the refreshing AJA wines. 

One of my favorite stories to share was during the time I was working in South Africa at Lomond Winery in Cape Agulhas. Ironically, the assistant winemaker happened to have lived in the Malibu Coast as well prior to working in SA. He would go to the local Malibu Coast wine tasting room every week and enjoy wines from Malibu. After several years of being in SA, I brought him a bottle of our Syrah. He tasted it and he said to me “WOW. This tastes like home.” So, when we tell you our terroir is different and notable…this is the story I like to share. The Malibu terroir is special. If it can be tasted and recognized around the world, it’s something truly unique.

–Amanda Greenbaum, Proprietor

We value all of our members and welcome you to the AJA family. We can’t wait to share more with you in the near future!



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