What is Pruning & How does it Make Great Wine? Proprietor’s Blog 2/15

February 15, 2023

Hello Winos,

Last week our farming team was out on the estate pruning our vines for the 2023 growing season. Pruning is a tactic where you cut back the old branches in such a way that it helps regrowth stimulation.


Our Vineyard Team pruning the vineyards in Pamela’s Syrah

Think of when you get a haircut. If you have long hair, you do this to trim off the dead hair so that it minimizes the extra weight on the bottom for maximum growth. Vines work the same way. Without pruning, the vines get long and gnarled. Oftentimes this will restrict nutrients to travel through the vines; less nutrients will be given to the fruit growth, thus resulting in weaker, less flavorful fruit.

There are several types of pruning techniques but the most common one is the “bunny rabbit” or “conejo” technique. This technique is cutting the canes which are the long branches that turn into vines that carry leaves and fruit, into pairs. Each pair of trimmed canes will have one cut at the first notch and the other cut just above the second notch. This makes it look like bunny ears.

Conejo pruning technique (these notches switch off every year to create maximum growth)

Once we prune all of our vineyards, the vines rest dormant for a little longer while the cool months finish out.

Come this time next month, we might see a little bit of growth..and the cycle begins again!


While we continue to enjoy the cooler months, enjoy some delicious wines to keep you warm!

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Have a wonderful #WineWednesday



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