The AJA Story Through An Intern’s Lens

April 19, 2023

AJA’s flavors are rooted in family values. Each wine is vined through our network and determination stemming from Todd and Heather Greenbaum’s love of wine. AJA was founded by Todd and Heather Greenbaum after purchasing their first vineyard in 2010. AJA is named after Todd and Heather’s children Amanda, Jack and Alec. The first vineyard was later named Pamela’s Vineyard after Todd’s mother who is full of wisdom and love, anchoring the family with her compassion.

Our Flagship Wine, Syrah

AJA’s flagship wine, Syrah, captures the gorgeous flavors of the ocean breeze that drifts into the Malibu Hills. The Malibu Coast AVA (American Viticulture Area) creates a perfect climate for Syrah grapes to thrive with warm sunny days and cool nights. Our Syrah is award winning and has delicious notes of berries and vanilla, with hints of black pepper. 

Miracle Vineyard

In 2013 the second vineyard was planted and researched a blend of five grapes; Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc to make up a Bordeaux-style blend. AJA’s miracle vineyard was named after Heather’s mother Doreen, nicknamed “The Miracle Maker”. During the Malibu fires of 2018 it was a miracle that the fire stopped at the perimeter of the vineyards sparing the house and the grapevines. 

Our Bordeaux Style Wines

This vineyard is the starting point for our Malibu Coast Cabernet Sauvignon and FIVE wines. Our Cabernet Sauvignon has been a fan favorite for red wine drinkers. These wines embody the rich history housed within the soils of the vineyard. They pair brilliantly with earth rich foods and bold flavors. These wines were a fantastic addition to AJA’s collection as Todd was ready to create a bordeaux-style blend. Both wines utilize the earth to guide their tastes, invoking a deep sensational pleasure that connects one back to their roots.

Eds’ Vineyard

In 2018 AJA planted Sauvignon Blanc grapes that perfectly contrast the other plump purple grapes. The third vineyard was named after Todd and Heather’s fathers Ed and Edward. It is aptly called Ed’s Vineyard.

One of my personal favorite wines is AJA’s Sauvignon Blanc. The label says it all. The topography these grapes are grown in gives it an almost paradise flavor. This is the ultimate pool or beach side wine. Its medium-bodied structure promotes harmony and fruitful flavors to shine. This wine is the Malibu Coast. It is the eyes shut dream of what the Malibu Coast embodies. With its natural flavors and light soothing taste this wine is what a beach day feels like.

From Rosé to Chardonnay

Stemming off of our Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon is our Wildflower Rosé. This rosé has a beautiful pink hue from the skins of the purple grapes that tints the wine and makes it visually stunning. This rosé is a wildflower. It is sharp and elegant, inspiring a lustful feeling after tasting. Imagine a vacation romance in a glass and you have AJA’s Wildflower Rosé. 

And lastly our new Central Coast Chardonnay. This wine was my first introduction to AJA Vineyards and has a special place in my heart. Its natural earthy oak flavor is the epitome of the history of wine. Our wine is unique but pays homage to Chardonnay roots in Burgundy, France. This was the AJA’s next step in our wine collection and allows the beautiful earth flavors to shine. 

We are so happy that you all are able to go on this wine journey with us and hope you taste our love of wines in each bottle. As we continue to embark on this next chapter in AJA Vineyards story we love thank you for your support and love.

Sincerely Sipping,


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