Spring Wine Pairings for You to Enjoy

We asked the Greenbaum family their favorite Spring wine pairings with our delicious wines. As proprietors, they certainly had their opinions and we hope you enjoy them and our wines! Here’s what they said:

Heather selected the 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon. She has always been a big fan of the Cabernet Sauvignons and this vintage is no exception. Heather said, “I love when we get to spend time as a family sitting out in our garden above Pamela’s vineyard. Todd is the BEST at searing filet mignon and pairing that with our cab is so delish! I can’t wait for it to get warm enough to enjoy this pairing again.”

As spring rolls around, the Greenbaum family loves to gather around a beautiful table made by Heather and enjoy meals together as a family. Todd’s steak will definitely be on that garden table soon!

Todd Selected the 2012 Pamela’s Selection Syrah. He named this Syrah after his mother Pamela who is a huge wine lover. She comes to the house and asks Todd, “Can I get a glass of my wine?” Of course you can Pamela. Let’s see what Todd pairs it with…

“I love pairing our 2012 Syrah, Pamela’s Selection with a big juicy BBQ chicken. When it gets warm out, our barbecue is situated just on top of the vineyard and I love to cook with the vineyards surrounding me. I’ll gladly be sipping on this Syrah while cooking the chicken, throwing dashes of it into the sauce at times (that’s the secret!) and then serving it up with my family and friends. The juiciness of the Syrah and of the BBQ chicken really pairs well and brings out the savoriness of the wine in the mid palate. The pairing harnesses the sweetness of the barbecue sauce and fruit of the wine for a long lasting finish.”

Can’t get much better than that. Todd, we are trying this pairing ASAP!

Amanda selected the 2018 5 Red Blend.

“This is the newest wine in our portfolio so I’m excited to be pairing this wine for everyone,” says Amanda. Let’s see what she pairs it with. “There are so many features of this wine. It’s complex and delicious, yet very approachable. It’s got bright fruits and dried fruits, earth and spices. So I chose to pair this wine with a zucchini noodle bolognese. There are so many different flavor components in the bolognese I think will compliment the 5 Blend and bring out more earthy and green flavors of the wine. It’s such a bold and tannic wine as well which needs a heavy sauce to match its bold flavors. You can probably make a vegan version as well!”

Sounds delicious, Amanda!

Now we’ve got Alec who chose the 2019 Sauvignon Blanc! A fan favorite since we started producing it in 2018.

This Sauvignon Blanc is zesty and fresh with crispness and delicious citrusy notes. It’s an easy pleaser and a great wine to pair. “I love eating tuna steak especially when it’s crusted with a little wasabi and toasted sesame seeds. I love our Sauvignon blanc and I love pairing it with this meal! I don’t know why it’s good with tuna steak it just is!”

Sounds delicious Alec, a big fatty tuna and a high acid wine go pretty darn well together!

Up next, Jack has decided to share his favorite pairing with our delightful 2019 Rosé! Only a few bottles left so make sure to grab yours before it’s gone!

“When I think of our rosé, I think of summer by the pool. I can feel the warm air on my skin and a slight ocean breeze rustling through my hair. And then, I think about the evenings by the fire pit with a glass of ice cold rosé in one hand and a double-double in the other. I can’t wait for it to get warm again so we can enjoy this pairing together!”

We hope you try these pairings at home! Share with us your thoughts and any other pairings you come up with! We’d love to taste your pairings at our dinner table.


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