June 24, 2020

Hey Everyone, I’m back again for more winery news!

It’s been a busy week! Last Monday, we filmed with the amazing Jason B. Wise, Matthew Kaner and Bianca Vierra for the SOMM TV series Hidden AVAs, A Closer Look!

For those of you who are strolling onto our page, you probably didn’t realize that Malibu has wine! And that people like us make wine in Malibu! And when SOMM Tv asked us about Malibu, we said, “Well let us show you!” 

They filmed a couple of segments: blind tastings, interviews about the AVA, and shots of the vineyards. We enjoyed quite a bit of wine, shared knowledge, and were able to express our excitements about Malibu as an AVA.

We all drank some of our 2019 AJA Vineyards Rosé to celebrate a great day of filming! Hopefully we’ll be getting some great footage to share with you sometime soon!

As for right now, we’re enjoying some wine on the beach! With some cheese and crackers, some nuts and some dried fruits. A perfect way to spend this wine Wednesday! Our 2014 Syrah is tasting spectacularly right now, and we only have a few cases left of our 2014 Proprietary Red! Not to worry, we’ve got some excellent Cabernet Sauvignon blends coming at you very soon!

Any-who, our vineyards are looking beautiful right now, as they are just passed fruit set and waiting on veraison! This is the time where all the green berries turn purple (if they’re supposed to of course), so we’ll be checking out this soon on our Instagram TV V-logs and sharing with you the process! Don’t forget to tune in to our “Into The Vines” Segment on Instagram! 

Cheers for now!


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