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February 16, 2022

Hey Wine Lovers,

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far. Happy belated Valentine’s day! 
Quick update for you:

Last week and the beginning of this week, we began the new harvest season cycle! Starting last Friday we began to prune the vines in all of our vineyards. Our farming team stayed ahead of the sunny and warm curve to make sure our vines were ready to soak in some sun and then ready for the cool down as it comes back again. (see video clip at the bottom)

We are on track with our normal harvesting as of now, but we have a whole season to see what’s next.

We are preparing to bottle in just a few short weeks. It’s so crazy to me how I’m bottling last year’s wines already when the vineyards haven’t even started growing for this year! 

During this pruning season, we also collected soil samples, from each of the vineyards, to be studied. We want to make sure the vines are getting proper nutrients and aren’t missing anything. Those results should come back to us soon. We will compare those notes to the ones from our drone study being conducted on our soil as well…pretty cool right?

The point is, we’re doing EVERYTHING we can to make sure the wine you love is the wine we make! We want to farm sustainable, and healthily to make the best wine we can make.

This leads me to a great question often asked:

Why does Wine Cost What it does?

When you see the costs of our wines, we want you to know that every bottle is taken care of to the max. Our wines are dealt with and meticulously watched over from the minute we prune until the last bottle is sealed in a 12 pack case. We hand-harvest our fruit and most of our wines come directly from our estate. We select the best barrels and best fermenting agents to make sure our wines are spectacular. We wanted to make sure our wines were approachable on price because we want everyone to be able to enjoy them. 

So you could say a lot goes into our winemaking process which makes a wine cost what it does.

Below is a little video clip of us pruning in the vines this past week. I want to share with you my thoughts and feelings as we go through this growing season and I hope you enjoy my commentary and it makes you just as excited about my wines as I am.


All my best,

Amanda Greenbaum


2 responses to “Proprietor’s Blog 2/16”

  1. Amanda,
    You are amazing. This was so interesting. I loved watching it and listening to your comments. You are a PRO. We are so proud of what you have accomplished. Keep up the wonderful work. We are with you all the way.
    so much love,
    Grandma and Papa

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