Wine Club Terms & Conditions

I. General:

There is no membership fee. AJA Vineyards Wine Club members commit to receiving at least three (3) shipments of AJA Vineyards wines per year for the 3 bottle membership and at least two (2) shipments of AJA Vineyards wines per year unless pricing changes within the year. One (1) membership includes benefits for two (2) people. Members (or gift recipients) must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older and understand that upon delivery, an adult signature is required and packages will not be left at the door.

II. Membership and Benefits:

AJA Vineyards Club members receive three (3) wine shipments per year delivered to a home or business address of their choosing. AJA Vineyards Wine Club members receive 15% discount for the 3 bottle club and 20% discount for the 6 bottle club on all additional item purchases from the website e-tailer. This discount will be applied through individualized discount codes provided when a member signs up. This code will be active for one full year from the date membership is processed. The fifteen percent (15%) or twenty percent (20%) discount is granted to each account when they sign up for the club. Each account holds up to two (2) members. Other benefits include priority access to Wine Club Member events (i.e. cocktail parties, dinner parties, special tastings et. al.). Members must be active and in good standing to partake in membership benefits. Good standing description is found in subsection V of this document.

Wine Club discounts and benefits are exclusive to the person(s) named on the account.

III. Shipments:

AJA Vineyards Wine Club members must commit to three (3) wine shipments of AJA Vineyards wines per year starting from initial membership date unless the price of the membership changes within the year. The initial date is the date on which a member signs up to be a part of the AJA Vineyards Wine Club. A new member is considered active after signing up and creating an account. Discounts will not apply until a new member is considered active. AJA Vineyards only ships during the cooler months to avoid heat damage. Shipments will be sent out in April, October, and January. Currently, AJA Vineyards can only ship to California addresses.

IV. Costs:

Each shipment price is pre-calculated flat rate on the basis of the actual cost of content and freight, and automatically charged to the member’s credit card on file. The member understands that a member is responsible for all costs incurred if a wine shipment is returned to the winery, is reshipped, or is not picked up. AJA Vineyards reserves the right to change the price of the membership. Wine Club members will be notified a minimum of 30 days prior to the following shipment about cost changes and will be able to opt out upon request.

V. Returning or Rerouting Packages:

Generally three (3) delivery attempts will be made before a package is considered undeliverable and returned to the winery. When a package is returned (or rerouted to a new address), the member is charged a fee to cover incurred carrier charges. Members are encouraged to avoid this situation by ensuring that Wine Club shipments are delivered to an address where someone over twenty-one (21) years of age is available to sign for the package, or have it held at the carrier’s closest center for pick up.

If a delivery attempt is missed, the package can be rerouted to an alternate address via an email to or a call to the Wine Club team at 818-590-2089.

VI. Billing:

AJA Vineyards Wine Club shipments are billed to each member’s credit card on file two (2) weeks prior to the shipment date. An e-mail is sent prior to billing that announces the approximate day credit cards will be charged, as well as the planned ship date.

VII. Returns and Exchanges:

AJA Vineyards is unable to accept returns on wines included in Wine Club shipments, due to legal constraints. Exchanges will be considered in the rare case of a flawed product or damage during shipping. If available, the damaged product will be replaced with the same wine. If not, it will be replaced with one of the same or similar value.

VIII. Membership Termination:

If a member is not in good standing, AJA Vineyards has the right to terminate membership at any point in the yearly cycle.

IX. Membership Cancellation:

Members who have received at least three (3) shipments are able to cancel their subscription. If Member(s) choose to cancel Wine Club before three shipments have been sent out, member(s) will be responsible for charges not paid on outstanding shipments, event RSVPs, and purchased items. If AJA Vineyards changes the membership price, members are free to cancel before three (3) shipments have been sent out. All requests for cancellation must be received at least thirty (30) days prior to the release of the upcoming shipment. Cancellation requests must be sent to or received in the mail thirty (30) days prior to upcoming shipment at 6200 Canoga Ave. Suite 400 Woodland Hills, CA 91367.


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